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How To Boost Your Wellness Of Spirit


Today, the average lifestyle is completely disassociated from the spiritual self. We educate our minds, stay up on current events and news, throw ourselves into the jargon that comes with our career, exercise, and work hard to better ourselves. Yet, what of our spirituality? Perhaps the reason for this is that many people link spirituality […]

Myths and Facts about Your Wellness


Myths and Facts about Your Wellness There are a lot of misconceptions about wellness. This happens for two major reasons. The first is that the idea of wellness is a fairly new concept within the larger concepts that we associate with health and medicine. The second reason is that the concept of health – which […]

How To Gauge Your Wellness After Age 50


Life changes after we reach fifty. Women go through menopause, there is less bone mass, and an increased risk of cancers and heart disease occur in both men and women. Fortunately, there are ways to gauge your wellness after the age of fifty and ways to stay healthy that keep the aging process from accelerating. […]