5 Ways to Find Fulfillment and Joy in Retirement


Retirement can be an exciting time of life, but it can also bring feelings of uncertainty and a lack of purpose. After spending years in a career or raising a family, retirement can leave people feeling aimless and unsure of what to do next. However, living with purpose during retirement can bring a sense of […]

Best Rehabilitation Programs for seniors at Nursing Homes in Palm Beach County


Palm Beach County, Florida, is home to a variety of nursing homes that offer excellent rehabilitation programs for seniors. These programs are designed to help seniors regain their strength, mobility, and independence after an injury, illness, or surgery. Here are some of the best rehabilitation programs for seniors in Palm Beach County: Choosing the right […]

6 Ways Stability/Balance Exercises Promote Health And Wellness As We Age


As you age, you may have noticed many less-than flattering changes to your balance and stability. You may notice a stutter in your steps and you stumble over even surfaces. Is it normal? Should it be accepted? Actually, it is quite normal; but that does not mean it has to be accepted. It comes about […]

Meditation Improves Health And Quality Of Life For Seniors


Meditation has been shown to be beneficial for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The very nature of taking a moment to meditate in a busy lifestyle can make a huge difference to anyone, and seniors are no different. Meditation can improve a senior citizen’s quality of life and make a difference to their […]

Strength Training After 50 Makes Sure You Have Strong Bones For Life


Bone health and strength becomes an important part of health discussions after age 50. One of the reasons for these health discussions is that the risk of osteoporosis-related bone fractures and breaks increases. After age 50, one in four men and one in two women will have an osteoporosis-related bone fracture or break. The National […]

How A Weak Core Impacts Health And What You Can Do About It


The core muscles of our body are kind of like the knot that ties our upper and lower body together. Our core muscles are used every single day, likely in ways that you never even realized. A weak core not only throws off our balance and posture, but it can prevent us from doing everyday […]