Does Running after Age 50 Hurt Your Joints?


Running is one of the most challenging exercises that you can do outside of the gym. It challenges your entire body as well as your motivation. Running as you age can be a rewarding way to keep your health and vitality. High impact activities are one of the best ways to keep up bone density […]

Age-Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD): What You Need To Know


One thing that no human being on this earth can avoid is the fact that they will one day age. There are a number of normal concerns which come with aging, and one of the ones people fear most is ARCD or Age-Related Cognitive Decline. According to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, a certain […]

Dementia 101


Dementia is an exciting topic because it is an umbrella of diseases. This is a broad category to describe several other groups of conditions under the category of dementia. It is categorized as forgetting things and losing memory. However, it does go more in-depth than that. Many times, our older family members start forgetting things, […]

The Anti-Aging Benefits Of The Astragalus Root


Few of us want to live forever, but many of us do at least want to live until we’re 100. It sounds like a good age to reach, and moreover it means that we have plenty of time to do the things we really want to do. Reaching 100 is not easy, though. Sometimes a […]

How Yoga May Benefit Alzheimer’s Symptoms And Support Prevention


According to the Alzheimer’s Association, around 5.3 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s disease. Worryingly, there is no sign of this number lowering anytime soon. There still exists no known cure for this debilitating disease, while preventative measures continue to be scarce. However, while preventative measures are certainly scarce, there are still adjustments you can make […]