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Cognitive Decline 101


Cognitive Decline 101 Cognitive decline can be scary, and when it starts happening, you may not even realize it. Another term for this is cognitive impairment, and it can occur when a person has Alzheimer’s or some other dementia diagnosis. There are rare cases of young adults in their late 20’s and 30’s who start […]

5 Ways To Protect From Cognitive Decline

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Cognitive decline can happen early on if we do not take care of our mental and physical health. This naturally occurs over time, and though we cannot prevent it from happening, we may be able to prolong its onset. Cognitive decline happens as we age; symptoms include forgetfulness, fewer motor functions, speech impairment, and occasionally […]

Age-Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD): What You Need To Know


One thing that no human being on this earth can avoid is the fact that they will one day age. There are a number of normal concerns which come with aging, and one of the ones people fear most is ARCD or Age-Related Cognitive Decline. According to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, a certain […]