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Navigating Memory Care


Cognitive decline, often attributed to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, necessitates specialized care for seniors. In the realm of elder care, particularly memory care communities, the focus is on providing enhanced security, safety, and enrichment tailored to individuals experiencing cognitive challenges. Elderly care placement services become instrumental in guiding families through the transition, ensuring […]

Navigating Early-Onset Alzheimer’s: Providing Care for Caregivers


The journey of caregiving is often accompanied by selflessness, compassion, and dedication. When facing the challenges of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, caregivers find themselves in a unique and demanding position. The act of caring for a loved one with this condition can be emotionally and physically overwhelming, sometimes leading caregivers to overlook their own well-being. In […]

Navigating Stroke Recovery: A Guide for Caregivers with Elder Care Finders


Elder Care Finders is dedicated to providing seniors with the highest quality care possible. One area that requires specialized care is stroke recovery. A stroke is a medical emergency that occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, either by a blockage or bleeding. Strokes can cause lasting damage, so it’s important to take […]

Mental Health Is Key For A Healthy Life


Mental Health Is Key For A Healthy Life You eat a healthy diet. You exercise regularly.  But what about your mental health?  Studies published in the journal Quality of Life Research found that mental health symptoms are linked to a person’s feelings about their quality of life.  Understanding what mental health is and how it […]

8 Ways To Increase Social Interaction After 60


8 Ways To Increase Social Interaction After 60 To Boost Mental And Emotional Health  The NCBI published a report that gave an insight into the effects of social isolation on seniors. According to the author, “social isolation is a major and prevalent health problem among community-dwelling older adults, leading to numerous detrimental health conditions … […]

Cognitive Decline 101


Cognitive Decline 101 Cognitive decline can be scary, and when it starts happening, you may not even realize it. Another term for this is cognitive impairment, and it can occur when a person has Alzheimer’s or some other dementia diagnosis. There are rare cases of young adults in their late 20’s and 30’s who start […]

How To Boost Your Wellness Of Spirit


Today, the average lifestyle is completely disassociated from the spiritual self. We educate our minds, stay up on current events and news, throw ourselves into the jargon that comes with our career, exercise, and work hard to better ourselves. Yet, what of our spirituality? Perhaps the reason for this is that many people link spirituality […]

8 Ways To Protect Your Aging Brain


8 Ways To Protect Your Aging Brain Growing older affects all aspects of ourselves. The institute of Medicine says that, like all other organs, our brains change both their physical structure and the ability to carry out various functions. The functions of the brain include memory, decision-making, wisdom, learning, and the speed at which we […]