5 Ways to Find Fulfillment and Joy in Retirement


Retirement can be an exciting time of life, but it can also bring feelings of uncertainty and a lack of purpose. After spending years in a career or raising a family, retirement can leave people feeling aimless and unsure of what to do next. However, living with purpose during retirement can bring a sense of […]

Best Rehabilitation Programs for seniors at Nursing Homes in Palm Beach County


Palm Beach County, Florida, is home to a variety of nursing homes that offer excellent rehabilitation programs for seniors. These programs are designed to help seniors regain their strength, mobility, and independence after an injury, illness, or surgery. Here are some of the best rehabilitation programs for seniors in Palm Beach County: Choosing the right […]

Foods That Lower The Risk Of Dementia


Dementia is a disabling condition that effects more and more people every day. It is responsible for the loss of reasoning, memory and the ability to think clearly. The loss of these mental functions can become so serious that it prevents those effected from functioning normally in their day to day activities. Dementia is not […]

Myths and Facts about Your Wellness


Myths and Facts about Your Wellness There are a lot of misconceptions about wellness. This happens for two major reasons. The first is that the idea of wellness is a fairly new concept within the larger concepts that we associate with health and medicine. The second reason is that the concept of health – which […]

6 Super Tips For Better Aging: Being Your Best Self As You Age


As we get older, our minds and bodies will follow suit. Perhaps your body is showing signs of aching more often. Maybe your memory seems to be not as sharp when trying to remember information. Statista.com reported that as of 2019, approximately 16.5 percent of the American population is over the age of 65 years […]

Can Alzheimer’s Disease Be Prevented?


There is nothing scarier in this world than the prospect of losing your mind and forgetting all the people and events that you hold dear. No one wants to get Alzheimer’s disease, but can you do anything to prevent it? According to the scientists at National Institute on Ageing (NIA) there is no proven preventative […]

Age-Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD): What You Need To Know


One thing that no human being on this earth can avoid is the fact that they will one day age. There are a number of normal concerns which come with aging, and one of the ones people fear most is ARCD or Age-Related Cognitive Decline. According to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, a certain […]