Free Placement Services for Seniors

At Elder Care Finders, our dedication to our clients extends beyond just finding the perfect community for their needs. We understand that transitioning from home to a new living environment can be daunting, which is why we prioritize providing comprehensive support throughout this process.

Following Up Throughout the Transition

Once a client has chosen a community, our work is far from over. We believe in maintaining open communication and offering continuous support to both our clients and their representatives as they navigate the transition. Our team follows up regularly to ensure that the transition is proceeding smoothly and to address any concerns that may arise along the way.

Constant Contact with Marketing Liaison

We recognize the importance of collaboration with the community’s marketing liaison to facilitate a seamless transition for our clients. Our dedicated team remains in constant communication with the marketing liaison, ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made and any special needs or preferences are addressed.

Assistance at Lease Signing

Elder Care Finders goes the extra mile by assisting our clients with lease signing processes. Our experienced team guides clients through the lease agreement, ensuring that they fully understand the terms and conditions before signing. We also advocate on behalf of our clients to negotiate the best incentives and deals available, ensuring that they receive the most favorable arrangements possible.

Ensuring the Best Deals and Incentives

We understand that moving to a new community can come with various incentives and deals. Elder Care Finders leverages our industry knowledge and expertise to ensure that our clients receive the best possible deals and incentives available. Whether it’s waived move-in fees, discounted rates, or special amenities, we work tirelessly to maximize the benefits for our clients.

At Elder Care Finders, our commitment to our clients extends beyond simply finding a suitable community. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the transition process, from initial selection to lease signing and beyond. With our comprehensive approach and personalized support, we strive to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients and their families.