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It’s important that we exercise for our health. However, exercise is not just for the young; it continues to be vital even into our senior years, maybe even more important because it can ward off a variety of ailments and keeps us energetic and flexible.

Pilates is great for seniors because it emphasizes the role of controlled breathing and core strength in an exercise routine. In general, it also proves to be a gentler form of exercise for the aging body and its benefits are multi-fold.

In essence, it is a safer form of exercise than many stressful workouts, results in less bodily impact, and is a great way to get back into an exercise program if one has not been experienced for some time.

Pilates focusses on the strengthening of core muscle groups over time that is flexible. Often, the Pilates exercises are performed in positions that are much easier for the senior, like sitting or lying down.

Problems That Seniors Face

Even though Pilates is considered a gentle mid-range type of exercise, it can still be a challenge for seniors to perform due to the wide range of physical illnesses they suffer. When considering beginning an exercise program, it is important that all seniors be assessed by a doctor.

Here are some of the challenges that seniors face in relation to exercise:

Pilates For Senior Ailments

Because Pilates focusses on core strength, it increases both stability and balance. This is important for seniors looking to improve their quality of life and extend their range of movement and joint control over time.

A Pilates exercise program for seniors will provide the following benefits when done correctly:

Since falls are one of the leading causes of injuries to seniors (one in three over the age of 65 per annum), Pilates can play a significant role in helping to mitigate the risk of it happening.

The increased core strength, balance, and stability that practitioners of Pilates have translate into a potentially increased quality of life for older people. It is also a fantastic way for seniors to rehabilitate after hip surgeries or other surgeries.

As well as reducing the risk of fall injuries, a senior Pilate’s program can have the following benefits and impacts on characteristic age-related diseases and illnesses:

Get Advice And Plan An Appropriate Program

When considering a Pilates program for seniors, it’s important to have each person assessed by a doctor. The program should also be structured so that it is gentle and low impact.

In general, it is also wise to use a Mat-based Pilates program rather than a Reformer program because it will provide more flexibility in designing specific programs for seniors when taking into consideration the characteristic challenges that they face.

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