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5 Ways To Protect From Cognitive Decline

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Cognitive decline can happen early on if we do not take care of our mental and physical health. This naturally occurs over time, and though we cannot prevent it from happening, we may be able to prolong its onset. Cognitive decline happens as we age; symptoms include forgetfulness, fewer motor functions, speech impairment, and occasionally […]

How To Boost Your Wellness Of Spirit


Today, the average lifestyle is completely disassociated from the spiritual self. We educate our minds, stay up on current events and news, throw ourselves into the jargon that comes with our career, exercise, and work hard to better ourselves. Yet, what of our spirituality? Perhaps the reason for this is that many people link spirituality […]

Myths and Facts about Your Wellness


Myths and Facts about Your Wellness There are a lot of misconceptions about wellness. This happens for two major reasons. The first is that the idea of wellness is a fairly new concept within the larger concepts that we associate with health and medicine. The second reason is that the concept of health – which […]

6 Super Tips For Better Aging: Being Your Best Self As You Age


As we get older, our minds and bodies will follow suit. Perhaps your body is showing signs of aching more often. Maybe your memory seems to be not as sharp when trying to remember information. reported that as of 2019, approximately 16.5 percent of the American population is over the age of 65 years […]

8 Benefits Of Being An Active Senior


Exercise is important to improve your health and well-being, but in elderly people and older adults it can be much more important. Although, the health benefits of an active lifestyle greatly outweigh the risks when exercising for senior citizens. Seniors can take longer to heal and recover from injury, but mild levels of practice are […]

Can Alzheimer’s Disease Be Prevented?


There is nothing scarier in this world than the prospect of losing your mind and forgetting all the people and events that you hold dear. No one wants to get Alzheimer’s disease, but can you do anything to prevent it? According to the scientists at National Institute on Ageing (NIA) there is no proven preventative […]

Age-Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD): What You Need To Know


One thing that no human being on this earth can avoid is the fact that they will one day age. There are a number of normal concerns which come with aging, and one of the ones people fear most is ARCD or Age-Related Cognitive Decline. According to the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, a certain […]

Is Relaxation The Fountain Of Youth?


If you work many hours and love your job, you probably believe people when they tell you that a little bit of stress never harmed anyone. In fact, it’s good for you! Maybe you beam and agree. Yes, it sure feels good to finish a twelve-hour day pumped, adrenaline pouring out of you. You’ve nailed […]

8 Ways To Protect Your Aging Brain


8 Ways To Protect Your Aging Brain Growing older affects all aspects of ourselves. The institute of Medicine says that, like all other organs, our brains change both their physical structure and the ability to carry out various functions. The functions of the brain include memory, decision-making, wisdom, learning, and the speed at which we […]

How A Lack Of Sleep Impacts Your Memory


All our lives we have been told that we need to make sure we get enough sleep. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep ensures our bodies are rested, and we have energy to get through the day ahead. Not only is getting sleep important to our physical being, but studies done by the American […]