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Cognitive decline can happen early on if we do not take care of our mental and physical health. This naturally occurs over time, and though we cannot prevent it from happening, we may be able to prolong its onset. Cognitive decline happens as we age; symptoms include forgetfulness, fewer motor functions, speech impairment, and occasionally aggression.

Though this happens in older adults, it can start when we are in our mid-twenties if we are not careful. If we drink too much, experiment with drugs at a young age, or neglect our bodies, we can get early stages of this. We need to be health-conscious and know what we can do to keep our bodies moving healthy, and our minds remain sharp.

Top 5 Ways to Protect from Cognitive Decline

We may not be able to prevent it from happening to us, and a lot of the time, genes play a considerable role in the way we turn out.

Being healthy plays a huge role, and there are specific tips you can adopt now to help slow down this part of aging.

Mediterranean Diet – Everything starts with nutrition. Whatever you put into your body; you will get out of your body. The Mediterranean diet has been linked to fewer cognitive problems in older adults. This diet focuses on fruits, veggies, healthy fats, fish, less red meat, and limited dairy. It is a perfectly well-rounded diet and may help you have a sharp mind when you’re older.

Physical Health – This means you should quit smoking if it is a habit you have adopted. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Get regular checkups and screen for whatever your family has had in the past. This can all help you remain physically well and play a huge role in mental health. Another thing you will want to keep in mind is to have an open line of communication with your doctor. They will be the people you rely on to screen for genetic disorders.

Endurance – As you grow, you may begin to move slower. However, if you start now and continue to develop healthy exercise habits, this will hit you less hard. Keep your body fit by moving around. Walking outside is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress.

Meditate – This may sound like a silly way to help your mind stay sharp. However, it is not. It is so important to focus on your mental health. Taking a break every day to sit and encourage your feelings to open up and let go is enormous. This can be a way to acknowledge stressors and let them go. The less stress you have, the happier you will be, and it may help you live longer with fewer problems.

Meaningful Activities – Whether it is going to social events with friends and playing word games at home with the family. It will all help you keep your brain activity up, and this will help you remember things in the future. Being social, keeping busy, are all excellent ways to keep your mind working and making connections.

There are many tips and tricks over the internet you may choose to try out and adopt throughout your life. It is never too soon to start working on your mental and physical health, and it could help you when you grow older.

What to Do If You Notice a Decline

If you start noticing slipups, you can still adopt these practices. You can remain as healthy as you know how to be, and the most important thing is to see a doctor. They can help you come up with a plan in case it gets worse.

Most times, this is a natural thing and progresses slowly. Cognitive decline happens with life, and it is something we all go through eventually.

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